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“The Ultimate Success Team were great to work with it. Selling my parents’ home was emotional, but they made sure I understood everything, answered all my questions and gave me the time I needed to get through the process. They did a great job with renovation- I hope the family who bought the house will be as happy as my family was there.” A. Herbert

“Ultimate Success Property Solutions bought a property I had as an investment until it became too much for me to handle. They inspected the property made me a cash offer, and we closed in less than 10 days. It was painless.’’ James S.

“I love my house. We had a few minor problems after we moved in, but the Ultimate Success Property Solutions team made sure everything was fixed, and we have not had a problem. Quality Product and Great Service. “ J. Mitchel

“My family and I are so happy with our house. We love it.” Angel G


“Michele’s eye for detail is outstanding. The care and commitment that she gives to any project is second to none. Michele is a team player who easily manages others through deep respect for individual strengths that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Michele is the “go to” person for getting any job done.” –

“Michele was the consummate subject matter expert in galvanizing staff towards a common goal of anticipating and meeting customer needs. Michele was inventive and creative in her approach in developing strategies which encouraged outreach to existing and prospective members. As a result of her efforts, she was an instrumental team member. Direct, frank, yet congenial, Michele was a critical asset to the team. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.” – Sabrina

“Michele is a diligent and detail oriented individual who has an extremely acute perceptual ability. She is a trustworthy employee who led by example and this quality amongst many was key in gaining her the trust of her colleagues and subordinates alike. Michele has always looked at obstacles and challenges as cleverly disguise opportunities waiting to be seized. I would not hesitate to offer Michele a position in any organization that I manage.” – Jack

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