Three for One (4828 12th Street)

Three for One (4828 12th Street)

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4812 N 12th Street



It is a great feeling when you know you have done good. While all the projects we undertake keep our company mission alive, this project was one where we made the biggest impact. By purchasing this property, we helped a widow out of bad situation, improved the property values of the neighborhood and created homes for two families.
The transformation is remarkable; it was gratifying to see the vision we had for this project be realized. By gutting this property and starting over we turned a dark junk filed property into a duplex with two brand new bright two-bedroom apartments.
We appreciate the support of the neighbors and the work of the Logan Enterprise Center to help us get the zoning changed. As promised, we worked with the property manager to find tenants that would be met the criteria of the neighborhood association.
The reality is we help the widow by buying the property, and two tenants have a safe beautiful place to live, and we honored our promises to the community. Three for One.

To see the finished project, check out

To see the before and after photos go to

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